Friday, February 1, 2013

Day 1

day 1

I thought it would be super fun to take up a challenge this month and do a photo of the day.

Day 1 is a self-portrait. This right before naptime. ..he naptime that didn't end up happening :) It's Friday, though, right?

Here's what to expect, in case you'd like to follow along and do the same!

photo a day
2.the color pink
3.something that made you laugh inside joke
6.guilty pleasure
7.something you look forward to
9.a furry friend
10.what you wore
11.your shy
12.a bad habit
13.the color red
14.your one true love
15.something you see every morning
16.what's in your bag
17.something sweet
19.a gift
20.something you bought part of your day
22.what you're reading
23.anything sweet
24.holding hands
25.your geeky side
26.something you made
27.a picture in your room
See ya tomorrow! :)

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