Sunday, February 10, 2013

Day 9 & 10

day 9:
furry friend
We don't have animals, so I had a hard time thinking of what to take a picture of. I ended up taking a picture of my son in his Curious George costume. He wears it nearly every day. It's about 2 sizes too small, so he looks extra cute in it. We're not dog/cat people. I'm sorry every one. I think we thought we were at one time, and maybe we were, but for where we live and what our lifestyle is now, having an animal just doesn't fit in. Now, if we ever live on a farm and our kids want to take on that responsibility, we may revisit this topic. But, for now, I have enough on my plate :)

day 10:
what I wore
Goodness! We went to church this morning and I had no idea how cold it would be. This flowy top ended up being the wrong choice on this cold February day. I do love it though. If you've never been to the store, Charming Charlies, you should check it out. They have a ton of stuff~ jewelery, belts, shoes, clothes, perfume...every thing! And, best of all, it's totally affordable. All of their clothes seem to work well for any body type. Especially us moms who may be hanging on to some of that baby weight. Is it baby weight if your baby will be 2 next month? Yes.
Instead of going the "fitted" route, like I did pre-kids :) Dressing myself in more flowy, feminine clothes seem to make me feel more confident about my new body. To be honest, even though having three kids has changed my body in every way possible...I feel the most confident and secure in myself than I ever have. Kids have a way of changing us in so many ways, don't they? What blessings they are!
Whenever I became a stay at home mom, just over five years ago, I could see myself getting into that pajama pant/t-shirt kind of slump and I didn't want to do that, so I got all of my t-shirts and pajama pants and took them to Goodwill. Well, maybe not all of them- you know- save some for a rainy day :) I just didn't want to feel blah. Some days I feel blah and I dress in my yoga pants and I go with it and I make no apologies to myself. Some days call for just that kind dress code. But most days, getting myself completely ready, in something that I feel good in- whatever that might be, just makes me feel better all around.
What about you? What are you rockin' these days?
Top: Charming Charlies (my new favorite store!)
Gold chain necklace: Charming Charlies
Earings: pearls- an anniversary gift from my honey. I wear these every day. Pearls are a southern girl's staple.
Black "editor" pants: Express (I'm pretty sure I've had these since college.)


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