Monday, February 4, 2013

Day 4

day 4
"an inside joke"

Today was suppose to be "an inside joke," but I just couldn't post something that bold :) Aren't inside jokes kind of secretive for a reason?

As I was going about my day trying to think of an inside joke appropriate enough to take a picture of...I came to the realization that I/we have a lot of inside jokes. Most of which I just can't let out of the bag. So, I decided to take a picture of something stereotypical of a homeschool. You gotta have a map in the dining room. A big one. 

Not to long ago, if you had have told me that I was going to homeschool and have two ginormous maps in my dining room, I would have smiled politely and then been really uncomfortable. But when my good friend offered to give me her already laminated maps, I quickly said, "Hell yeah!" But of course I didn't actually say that. I never say things like that out loud, but I thought it and when she mentioned that she had a world map and a US map, I was like, "Two? Even better! I know just where I'm going to tack those babies- in my awesome dining room!" 

And here they are. My two maps. I love them. We use them every day. Most formal dining rooms I've been in are rarely used, but not ours. We eat here, we learn here, we play here, we laugh here, we throw fits here, we hug here, we accomplish things here- we do lots of real living here and I wouldn't trade the memories made in this sweet room for anything.

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