Thursday, March 7, 2013

Come Unto Me

Jesus Calling
God speaks so clearly to us through our devotionals, doesn't He? The Word is living. If sometimes we'll just be quiet, listen, and find our rest in Him.

Friday, March 1, 2013


Have you seen the British TV show, "Kitchen Nightmares," with Chef  Gordon Ramsey? It is hilariously crazy. Granted, my kitchen is nothing like the ones I've seen on their shows, which can be described in one word- nastiness. But, it could be better. I'm always cleaning the counters, cabinets, and floor. With 3 sticky-fingered kids running around, it's a must. Not to mention, my boys have a gluten allergy. I feel like I'm super alert to cross contamination.

My kitchen is super tiny and with five people in the house, it needs to hold quite a bit. Little by little, I've started clearing out space, selling or giving away what we don't use anymore. It's freed up quite a bit of space, but not enough. I think that may be the way it is, until I get my dream kitchen :)

After watching the show, I could hear Chef Ramsey cursing at me in his pretty, vulgar, inspiring British accent. One thing that I often neglect to clean is the inside of my fridge. I have it labeled, so that my gluten foods are kept in the lowest drawer only, leaving the remainder of my fridge a g-free safe zone. I can honestly say that I have never, in my three and a half years of living here, have I ever personally taken apart every drawer and every shelf and washed them with soap and hot water. Wiped down, yes- washed, no. The honey informed me, that he has done this. I thank him :)
I think I've told myself that I just didn't have the time, but to be honest, it really didn't take that long and look at this little's sparkling! It was totally worth it. (It also made me realize that we love creamer. I'll have you know, at the present moment, there are 6 creamers in our fridge.)
Do it. Do it now.