Monday, February 18, 2013

Days and days worth

Ok, so I'm several days behind on posting about my February challenge for a photo of the day. I've been instagraming them, but here ya go :) 
day 12:
bad habit
...was my pile of laundry resting on the sofa. We have 5 people in our house and somehow everyone wears an insane amount of clothes. Once you get behind, you're up a creek. A couple of weeks ago, our dryer broke, so I had to hang up every piece of clothing to dry. You could only do as much laundry as you had hangers and space to hang. It was crazy. Thankfully, my honey watched a YouTube video and fixed it. Yay! Oh how I appreciate having a dryer again!
day 13:
the color red...
my hair :)
day 14:
my one true love...
A picture of my husband, with scruff. 
I picked one from 2004, when we were dating. I love looking back at those pictures of us- when we, so quickly, fell head over heels in love. Nothing else mattered but each other. It was like we had blinders on, with our eyes wide shut to anything else. It was a beautiful time when our love was just starting out. I didn't understand, back then, how a love that felt so deep at the time, wasn't anything compared to the depth of our love now. We were so young. I wish I could have whispered in our ears back then.
day 15:
the first thing I see in the morning...
Pictures of my babies :) I roll over to turn off my alarm, put on my glasses, and these little beauties come into focus. These pictures are of me and them when we first came home from the hospital. They're raw love.
day 16:
what's in my bag...
My purse is just a glorified diaper bag. I stopped exclusively carrying my diaper bag pretty recently. I found this purse on sale at H&M, just before my trip to FL and I fell in love with it. It's a dark plum color, which happens to act as a neutral and go with just about anything. My daughter doesn't need much, so I can easily stick her things in my purse. Not lugging around a diaper bag is so nice. I feel like I graduated.
day 17:
something sweet....
I took a picture of my son eating milk and cereal for dinner...He begged for it. He's also a lefty, which makes it even cuter. The spoon is still quite big for him and to see how careful and intentional he is, not to drop any milk, just makes me want to squeeze him.
Day 18 is soon to come. The topic is "nature" and it's just too cold to enjoy nature right now :)

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