Saturday, January 26, 2013

It's about to get real up in here

I haven't ever written a post like this before, so if you're a man, copy and paste this to your significant other, and please stop reading now :) But if you're a women who is on any type of birth control or are searching for one, please keep reading.
After having 3 kids, 3 and under at one point, getting Mirena seemed like a completely logical answer for me. Not to mention, my crazy cycles. Endometriosis runs on my mom's side of the family and with my personal history, it is believed that I have it as well. Knowing that Mirena could stop my periods completely sounded like an answer to prayer for the pain I have whenever I'm not pregnant or nursing. No periods? Does it get any better than that?
Before going on Mirena, I had tried low dose birth control pills, high dose birth control pills, Progesterone, and Lupron (which was what I was on when I got pregnant with my daughter). Ha!

I had Mirena inserted in August of 2011 and had it removed a week ago this past Friday. During my time on Mirena, I experienced well over 20 of the listed side effects. In the days leading up to the removal, I experienced what my doctor felt was a blood clot. Thank God it was not. However, I was having a sharp, pinching pain my my chest when I breathed and the pain radiated on the upper right side of my body and I had pain in my uterus. It was miserable. After running a slew of tests, my doctor concluded that my Mirena had caused an infection that had spread up into my lungs. Thankfully, my Mirena was still in place, easy to remove and all I needed was antibiotics. I've since had a sonogram, which they found some small cysts and pockets of blood in my uterus. Hopefully everything will go back to normal soon. After reading about Mirena, after my bad experience, I'm realizing that I was one of the lucky ones. The things women have lost and gone through while on Mirena are just heartbreaking.

The reason why I felt such urgency to put such personal information out there is that we, as women, need to educate ourselves about what we do with our bodies and especially what we put in them. All medications have side effects, we all know that, but do we read them? Do we really read them? Do we take in account our medical history? Our parent's medical history? Our grandparent's medical history? And weigh the pros and cons? To be honest, up until now, I thought that if my doctor allowed me to get Mirena, then it was probably not going to hurt me. That aside, it is crucial that we listen to our bodies and be advocates for them. We only get one body, we need to take delicate care of the one we have.

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