Monday, January 7, 2013

A place to rest a book, glasses, and smart phone.

I really wanted the honey and I to have a place to relax and unwind that was just ours. Although I have quite a few things I would like to add to the room , like new picture of us on the honey's nightstand...I like where it is now. I guess I better start selling a few more things. Ha!
So even though it's not complete, I thought I would go ahead and share a couple of pictures of the master bedroom :)
I had originally wanted to have the nightstands flip-flopped~ the more feminine of the two on my side and the more masculine one on the honey's side, but it didn't look right, so we switched them.
I am so happy we found one with drawers for our books and anything else we don't want to sit out. I think this is my new favorite piece of furniture...I'm a sucker for glass knobs and I love the lines on this baby.
One of the things I wanted to do on the honey's nightstand was to have a dish filled with some of the shells he picked while we were in Florida. They were mostly all white or really thin and clear.


On my nightstand, I have three very special pictures of me cuddling with the kids when they first came home from the hospital. They're too personal of shots to have sitting out in the rest of the house, but just right for my bedroom. I love having a pretty place to put my jewelery. My wedding ring rests on my Tiffany blue wedding organizer, which holds some special memories.
I have lots more pictures!



White Antique Nightstand~ The Old Lucketts Store
Love You More Sign~ Kirklands
Dish~ Target

Wooden Nightstand~ The Old Lucketts Store,(Made out of old barn wood)
Pair of Mercury glass lamps~ Homegoods

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