Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Good Morning, Sunshine

Mornings like this come once in a blue moon nowadays. So, when two of my babies sleep in until 7:30, it's a super big deal. Of course one of them was up twice with a bad dream :( But they're still sleeping, so I'm happy :)

During the week, I always get up before the kids, in hopes that I can get ready, have my quiet time, and get our school stuff together, all before anyone rises. That usually doesn't happen because someone (the littles, mainly) always gets up while it's still dark, regardless of their special alarm clock :)

If I have any advice to give to a new mom, it would be to strive to wake up before your children- just 30 minutes, or however long you think you need. That moment your alarm goes off, you're going to want to push the snooze indefinitely, but once you fight that urge, it's so worth it! Some days I can get all my tasks done and some days, it just doesn't work out. As long as I can get myself into my clothes for the day and pray, I can squeeze in the rest when the kids do their morning chores. I've learned shortcuts for my hair and have learned how to "put on my face," as my Grandmother says, (aka make-up) in about 2-3 minutes. I'm happy with my quickness. As coming from a freckle-faced redhead girl...covering up my freckles was important to me for many years. It's funny to me how many years it's taken me to be comfortable with me. That's another blog post :)

Try it tomorrow and I can guarantee you'll have a happy start and you'll greet your children with a smile!

Well, here's to today!

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