Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Pretty in Pink

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My daughter is two years old. The honey and I still call her "the baby" and think of her as the baby. She's two, so I guess she still kind of is :) But she's growing. Growing so fast. I wanted to capture her nursery before it changed.
I'm a sentimental person, so a lot of the decor in her room was mine or the honey's when we were babies. The big rocking chair has rocked my sister and I, my aunts two children, and all three of my babies. So many family members have rocked in that chair and loved and cuddled and shushed and sang off key. Being able to add that layer of special to her room was important to me.



Photo: Dolly storage #whatablessedness #prettyinpinknursery


Earlier this year, she and the boys switched rooms. The furniture set up just seemed to work better that way. This is what her nursery looked like when we first brought her home. I loved this room. It was so bright and happy and relaxing.



Oh how you've grown, my darling!

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