Monday, June 10, 2013

Plus half

My oldest son turned 5 and a half yesterday. I know it's not a birthday, but it felt like something to me. He's nearly on the other set of fingers and that feels big to me.

I've never met anyone like him. He's such a fun boy. So full of imaginiation and passion. You never know what he's going to say or what kind of a tall tale he's going to pull out. Even if he's spitting nails mad, you can always make him laugh and he, somehow, completely forgets the two seconds before. I love that he's either smiling or not far from it.

Sometimes I see some of my most favorite pieces of my husband in him. I see it when he's gentle with his sister or patient with his little brother. I see it in his artwork. He's so creative, just like his Daddy. He can find something to do anywhere. I've never seen either of them bored and they're always on the go.

He's also incredibly confident with the ladies, which is soooo funny. Confidence is actually something that I prayed over him before he was even born. I prayed that he would have self-confidence and always know his worth is found in the Lord. We all know the kind of roller coaster you can go on when you don't know that to be true in your life. I feel like I had a lot of fake confidence that eventually turned into confidence and my husband was shy for most of his growing up, but you'd never know it now.

My husband has a dear friend from high school with a quality that we have always admired in him. Thinking about him literally makes me laugh. My first memory of him is when my husband called him the night we got engaged. He couldn't take his call because he was in the middle of doing the tootsie roll at the club - ha! He doesn't take himself too seriously and I think that's a pretty important thing to remember. It sure does help you brush things off easier. (Note to self). Our friend's worth is deeply rooted, (going back to how his parent's raised him- parents: what a huge responsibilty we have) and if you don't see it, then he's movin' on.

Somedays I feel the weight of responsibilty of raising Godly young men and today is one of those days. I guess that's God reminding me that they belong to Him.


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