Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A tiny house full of projects.

At the moment, our house is bursting at the seams with furniture to restore and transform. I was lucky enough to have a friend from church, who is moving, give me a huge dining table (that seats 8), 4 dining chairs, and a lovely hutch. Can you believe it? Me neither. Thank you Geimers!

I can't wait to start on the hutch and table, but since I'm limited on space, I have to tackle one thing at a time and go by the- "one piece of furniture in, another out" rule. I recently painted our dining table the most beautiful blue and I love the transformation. I hope someone else does too, as I will be looking for a new home for this special piece very soon. Here is the before picture of our dining table-

(I just sold the chairs today!)

Here's what I'm thinking for the new dining table, which we will be calling our own...

I would like to paint it old white a) Because I think this table was meant to be old white and b) It's one of my favs. And for the chairs, I want them to be pretty distressed on the arms and legs...I love the idea of painting them in graphite. Right?
But I think my favorite of all the pieces I'm working on is the hutch. I love a good hutch. Thankfully, it is in two pieces, so it's going to be much easier to work with. Now, if I can just work it out where it's completed on a Wednesday, so the guys in my small group can help Tim put it on top :) At first, I wanted to paint the hutch in "Lucketts Green" milk paint, but it just wasn't the right piece, so I've decided on french linen for the outside and maybe a surprise color on the inside...we'll see!
Better get a move on all of that! I can't wait to share the transformation with you.


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