Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Run 'em ragged.

Yesterday, we went on a picnic and went hiking. It was a wonderful day to be outside. They were in there happy place. It made for such a perfect Monday.

We also made a stop at the teacher supply store. In other words, I went shopping while the littles tore it up and Holden ran crowd control. The looks are now taken with a grain of salt. I got it done and that's what matters, right?
As Dane Cook says, "I did my best!..I did my best!.."
We've pushed bedtimes back to later. Last night was even pretty late for our usual 7 o'clockers. Since the hubby's new job hours have kicked in this week, we decided that we needed to tweak bedtimes. It's bittersweet. Bitter because the littles are still waking up at their normal before the sun, you're definitely not ready to wake up yet times. However the big is taking well to the new switch. Thanks to a loud box fan and PBS Kids, the littles keep fairly quite, once you get 'em downstairs. The key is to get to them before they can rise and shine their big brother, which seems to be our middle son's goal every morning. He loves his big brother.

It makes sense to me: go to bed later = sleep later.
We're just not there yet.

Why do they get up so early????
I better make some more coffee.

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