Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Busy Bees

We ran a ton or errands yesterday. Staying busy has helped ease us into Daddy's new hours. We're all going to bed later. We have lunch later, dinner later, bath time is later, and we're shooting to wake up later. So far, the littles haven't gotten the memo :)
Yesterday, while we were at the mall getting our big's hair cut, I decided that I would swing by Gap- with all three kids and, simply, try on some jeans. I love their jeans. They're more expensive, but they last for years. I bought some from Old Navy a little over a year ago and now they're all ripped up and not in the good way. Plus, one of the back pockets is ripped. In the fall and winter, jeans and dresses with leggings are my mom uniform. Jeans are just easy.

You can never just swing by a store and browse with a bunch of children. It's not like they were pretending to be mannequins in the store window or hiding in the racks or anything....Nope :) Mine have their opinions about every piece of clothing I picked out. In hindsight, it was helpful. I remember going shopping with my grandmother, back in the day- when all things about me was awkward. She really taught me not to look at the size, but just focus on how it feels. It really helped to have someone there that loved me. It was a real confidence builder. Surprisingly enough, my three babies were just as encouraging and honest :) 

So, after the most crazy shopping experience ever, this is what I came home with:
 Always skinny jeans
The wording is awesome!

Sexy Boyfriend jeans
There is nothing sexy about these. I'm still trying to figure out why they named them that...They're my trendy mom jeans.

Red legging jeans
Because red is a neutral and I needed a fun option.

And a couple of easy tops.

I don't have many clothes and I prefer that. I purge my closet, like my house, every few months or so. I have a few things that fit right, so I stick with them, and just mix and match.

Next time, though, I'm going by myself :) 

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