Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Dining Room Chairs

We finially found some lovely dining chairs on Craigslist. I couldn't believe we got six of them for such a good deal.

They ended up being much larger than I had expected, but sturdy, so they'll work. When they're all around the table, it kind of swallows it up, so I like the look of four chairs around the table better. I think I'll use the other two as accent chairs on either side of my new chest of drawers.

The chairs will be recovered. I just haven't been able to decide on a pattern. The current fabric is in good condition, just out dated. When I recover the chairs, I'll also recover the window seat and throw pillows. The room is a gray-blue color. If I could paint it again, I would. I would paint it a warm white. It's such a bright room. It's probably our favorite room in the house.

I'm leaning towards blue fabric, with maybe a yellow accent pillow on the window seat for a punch of color. I will be following the "geometric,organic, small scale" rule of thumb while combining fabrics in our dining room/homeschool room.

Here are all of my fabric choices. They are either from Warehouse Fabrics or Calico Corners.

Fabric for chairs/accent pillows

SLICK ROBIN - Abstract/Geometric - Shop By Pattern - Fabric - Calico Corners
Slick Robin by Calico Corners.

Window seat~
Window seat and back of pillows: Rustic Linen Natural (RUNNAL)

PLATEAU - REVERSIBLE FABRIC LEMON - Yellow - Shop By Color - Fabric - Calico Corners
Plateau Lemon by Calico Corners

CONTORTED - ROBERT ALLEN FABRICS HONEYSUCKLE - Yellow - Shop By Color - Fabric - Calico Corners Honeysuckle by Calico Corners

Accent pillows~
Throw pillow or Window seat: Traditions Corn Yellow/Linen (TRSCON)

Throw pillows: Spring Mix Ultramarine (SPXULE)

Throw pillows/ Chairs: Amaya Monaco Blue (AMAMOE)

And just because I adore this fabric...I probably won't use it, but I love it. It's so happy. Put a monogram on it and it would be perfect!
accent pillows/chairs

So there you have it- my sea of fabric choices!

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