Wednesday, October 8, 2014

I'm gonna go ahead and blame this on my red hair.

That's how I've been feeling lately....
which explains this...
Since having our kids, we have either lived in an apartment or a townhome with bricks in our backyard and two itty bitty triangles of grass, in the front, that my husband would cut with scissors. Some days I miss it so much...I close my eyes and remember our babies running around being silly. It warms my heart.

When we moved to Texas, having a real yard was one of those things that just made us excited. A place for our kids to run around barefoot and enjoy childhood to the fullest. That's what I saw, for our kids, when we bought our new house.

Since moving here, we have had a dog poop issue and we don't own a dog. Every day, my kids run 90 miles an hour through the yard and blaze through a pile 'o surprise and it's gross. Anyway, this morning, I decided to ask the pooper owner to not poop in our yard anymore. So, like any normal person, I got up at 5:45am, put on my hot pink rob and slippers, poured a cup of coffee, and waited an hour until I spotted the poopster. It wasn't received well and the conversation didn't go like I had envisioned. Honestly, it's now kind of a blur...
Whenever I get riled up and have a moment to trace my feelings back, it usually begins with a fierce love for my kids. I never knew how much being a mama would change me. Motherhood has changed my appearance. It's changed the way I look at the world. It's changed the way I love. It's changed nearly every thing about me and I am better because of the those three little people. The other day, I got the urge to stick my tongue out at a first grader. A first grader. I'm not proud, but it's true.

You always want better, you always want more for your kids. I hope my kids know that every thing I do, every crazy thing I do, is because I love them.