Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Master Bedroom

What a fun series "Come On In"... My new friend, Andrea, from Momfessionals is hosting and I thought I'd join in this round!

We have recently moved back to the Lone Star State, after eight years of laying down roots in VA and DC. I think, like most people, the master bedroom is usually the last on the list to decorate. In our last home, I put it high on my priority and did a redo a year or so ago. I've had to switch some things out. Our ceilings are so tall that it makes some things look like postage stamps, so on the look out list is: large artwork for above the dresser we can't part with, comfy seating with an ottoman, lighting for the other side of the room, and curtains. Any suggestions?...

(cowboy boots because our door won't stay open)

 This chair should have never happened.
I read a blog post somewhere about painting furniture and I found this pink chair for $20 and decided to go for it...I'm sure it works out in most cases, but here- complete flop, hence the random fabric I threw on the seat. Oh well, it holds laundry just fine. Isn't that what chairs are for?
My husband found this dresser/hutch in the ally behind our studio apartment in Adams Morgan, DC. He was coming home from work when he spotted it. Though it was midnight, he knew I would want it, so he woke me up-I'm pretty sure all he said was "Old dresser." and I had my shoes on. We hauled it to our eighth floor, 450 sq. ft. love nest and squeezed it in our kitchen. Thank goodness for super strength when I see good furniture and elevators, of course. So far, it's one of the only pieces of furniture that has avoided my paint brush. We'll see! 

The photos on nightstands are of our wedding day and his grandparents' wedding day. We're photographed in the same spot. They had such a sweet marriage and set a wonderful example for the two of us.


  1. Love your bedroom! Everything from your hubby's dresser, your nightstands, and your monogrammed pillows! Perfection!

    1. Thank you, Elaine! It still has a long way to go :)

  2. i love all of this so much!!! i am inspired to find my grandparent's wedding photo and get a pillow monogrammed asap!! www.camillecolumbia.blogspot.com

    1. Thank you so much!!! I found these pillows on Etsy, from a shop called Tootledoo Designs, but I'm not sure if she is selling right now. She took a break for her kids a while back. Everything she does is fabulous though!