Thursday, October 3, 2013

...sugar is sweet and so are you.

Photo: This is what she wanted to wear today. It has been fitting for her today. I can, now, say that with a smile. #everybitoftwo #sadieistwo #whatablessedness
One of these days, you'll be grown, my sweet little one and you'll do whatever you want to do because you can. I hear ya. At two and a half, you know that deep in your soul. I know most two year olds think they know it, but you really do. Believe me, I'm behind you 100%. The day will come, as "they've" (You know if you are the "they" and if you are the they, you should keep the wisdom to a minimum. I say that with all the love.) told me, where "all too quickly" you really can "Do it ME SELF!!!" And you will and it's going to be the most beautiful thing in the world to watch. I can't wait to see what the Lord has for you, precious.
You're a spit fire and I don't worry about you a bit. You will always be ok. You can take care of yourself and you're confident in that. I pray, as your mother, I never squash that. God rolled so much fun and so much goodness into one tiny little being. I'm still learning how to harness all that spunk. Bear with me, sweet girl.
I had a defining mommy moment today. I think it was somewhere between fit one and five or that phone call to Daddy...I lost track ;)
Thank you for being my daughter. My very own daughter. I know you didn't pick me, nor I you, but thanks for sticking by me through the good and the bad. It was truly a match made in heaven.
I love you forever and always no matter what,

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